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What Is the Difference of UV Printing and Conventional Printing?

Conventional Printing relies on powder spray and slower drying times, mainly suitable for paper. UV Printing uses UV light-reactive inks for rapid drying, works on various materials, and offers superior durability and color retention. The efficiency and versatility of UV Printing make it a preferred choice for many, revolutionizing print produc

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Conventional Printing and UV printing differ significantly, primarily in drying methods and the materials they work on. Knowing these differences is crucial for choosing the right printing method.

Drying Method

Conventional ink printing typically requires spraying a layer of powder after printing to prevent ink from sticking and to speed up drying. This is because conventional ink doesn’t dry immediately after printing. When printing without the powder spray, there’s a risk of the paper sticking together or causing smudges, which can lower the quality of the printout. Even with the standard printing process that includes the powder spray, the paper still requires time to fully dry, and this drying time varies depending on the type of material used for the paper.

In contrast, UV printing uses inks with UV light-reactive agents. During printing, UV light exposure quickly dries the ink. UV printing reduces the printing time from several days to just a few hours, greatly improving efficiency. Additionally, UV ink-dried prints have smooth surfaces, strong durability, and are less prone to fading.

Printing Materials

Conventional ink printing works well on paper but not on plastic or other materials. UV ink, however, adheres to almost all surfaces, including polyethylene, polystyrene, metal, glass, and more. UV ink also provides good coverage. When printing on colored materials, a layer of white ink can be used first to ensure coverage and avoid color distortion.

UV Printing Principle

UV flatbed printers work differently; UV coatings are sprayed onto materials and quickly cured by UV light exposure.

Advantages of UV Printing

UV printing offers a wide range of material compatibility and speeds up production, saving time and effort. More people are adopting UV printing technology for more efficient and higher-quality results.

UV printing

In summary, Conventional Printing and UV printing have distinct features. Designers can choose the most suitable printing method based on their needs and requirements to ensure optimal results.

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