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How to Order Sample

We have a free sample policy but shipping fee will be collected.

Free stock samples

If you need products on our website, we can send you inventory directly. This is a free sample, if you have a DHL, or FedEx account, we can send it to you using your own account. Without an account, it will have a small delivery fee. For most of the country,it will send about USD30 to USD50.

Delivery time: about 5 – 7 days

Custom Boxes

If you need custom boxes, then we need proofing time, usually 7 days. Customized products require detailed design drawings. The design drawings should include the LOGO, specific dimensions, materials, etc. so that the factory can accurately proof.
Custom products will be charged a proof fee. After we are satisfied with the samples and place the order, we will deduct the proofing fee from the order amount.

-Custom samples take 7 – 10 days

-Delivery demand: about 5 – 7 days

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