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Do You Know How the Packaging Boxes Manufacturing

Packaging box manufacturing involves intricate processes like plate-making, paper selection, code printing, laminating, embossing, hot stamping, die-cutting, and box gluing. Each step contributes to creating durable, visually appealing boxes for various products.

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quality inspecition

01. The Plate-making Process

Plate-making is a crucial step because it directly impacts the quality of the product. Nowadays, most factories use digital machines for plate-making, which has improved the process a lot. It involves exposing the plate, developing it, refining it, and then printing the design.
Gift boxes are all about looking new and attractive. That’s why they come in many different colors. For example, a single style of gift box can have four basic colors plus a few special ones like gold and silver.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through the plate-making process

02. How to Choose the Right Paper?

Before cutting the paper, we also need to choose the right paper.

Generally, the inside of gift boxes in packaging boxes is made of grey board paper, while the outside is laminated with colored paper or specialty paper. Colored paper is typically made of double copperplate and matte copperplate paper. Some use 80g, 105g, 128g, 157g, etc. These weights of paper are commonly used, and it’s rare to use paper heavier than 200g for laminating the outside of gift boxes. This is because thicker colored paper can easily bubble when laminated onto the gift box, and it looks rigid.
Of course, the choice of paper and process depends on the product. Designing the outer packaging according to the product and then selecting the paper and process accordingly.

The video will show you how we cut paper.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through how to choose the right paper

03. The Process of Printing Codes on Packaging Boxes.

Coding: The process of using a coding machine to print information codes on products, including traceability codes, production dates, shelf life, batch numbers, etc. This is done by using a coding machine to spray-print identifiers on the products.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through the process of printing codes on packaging boxes.

04. The Principle of Packaging Box Printing

The printing principle of packaging boxes involves transferring text and image information from a CTP plate to a rubber blanket on the printing press through the process of ink and water repulsion. This transfer is achieved with a certain pressure, allowing the ink on the rubber blanket to be transferred onto the paper, thus reproducing the desired design or text.

Packaging box manufacturers take you know the principle of packaging box printing

05. The Process of Packaging Box Printing

Packaging box manufacturers take you through the process of packaging box printing

06. Quality Inspection

The inspection machine uses image visual detection technology to conduct real-time comprehensive quality inspection of rapidly moving printed products and removes non-conforming products.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through the sampling inspection process.

07. The Laminating Process

The laminating process for packaging boxes involves applying a transparent plastic film onto the surface of printed materials through heat pressing, serving the purpose of protection and enhancing gloss. Laminating is a major post-printing process that requires a clean, smooth, non-blurry surface without wrinkles or bubbles.

After laminating, paper boxes are protected from wear and tear, enhancing the brightness of printed patterns and making them less prone to damage, thus extending the box’s lifespan. Additionally, the plastic film provides protection against moisture, water, stains, abrasion, folding, chemical corrosion, and other factors.

Different laminating techniques yield different effects. For example, using matte film can make the colors of paper bags appear darker, giving a more stable and elegant look, while glossy film can make the box look brighter and more vibrant.

Laminating technology has been widely used in the printing industry. Commonly laminated packaging products include paper boxes, paper bags, adhesive labels, etc.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through the laminating process

08. The Embossing Process For Packaging Boxes

The embossing process for packaging boxes involves using a set of corresponding concave and convex templates with graphic and text elements. The printing material is placed between these templates, and pressure is applied to create a raised embossed effect.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through the embossing process for packaging boxes

09. The Hot Stamping Process

For packaging boxes involves transferring the aluminum layer from hot-stamping foil onto the surface of the substrate to create a special metallic effect.
Because the primary material used in hot stamping is electroplated aluminum foil, it is also called electroplated aluminum hot stamping.

10. Die-Cutting Principle of Packaging Boxes

Die-cutting is the process of pressing specific-purpose paper or cardboard according to certain specifications, in order to create imprints on the paper or cardboard for easy folding.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through die-cutting principle of packaging boxes

11. Box Gluing Principle

Box gluing is the final step in the production of folded paper boxes, where individual pieces of paper boxes are glued together to form folded paper boxes.

Packaging box manufacturers take you through the box gluing

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