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About PackSolo

Welcome to PackSolo, where custom packaging is an artistry that began a decade ago with Maggie’s family. Their manufacturing legacy laid the foundation, but it was Maggie’s digital insight that ignited the spark.

Teaming up with Lu, a design virtuoso, Maggie turned ideas into visual masterpieces. The family’s decade-long expertise became the backbone, bringing those designs to life with high-quality precision.

Our Signature PackSolo series, crafted with eco-friendly materials, embodies this collaboration. Each box is a fusion of manufacturing excellence and design brilliance, thanks to our artisans with 15 years of packaging mastery.

PackSolo isn’t just about packaging; we’re storytellers. Your brand’s tale is our canvas, and we’re here to make it unforgettable. Join us in this journey where a decade of family legacy meets cutting-edge creativity, crafting not just boxes but stories and memories.

Here’s to a decade of excellence and the promise of many more.

Maggie at PackSolo

More Than Packaging

Brighten a Student’s Future with Every Box

At PackSolo, we’re not just about creating custom packaging; we’re about making a difference. When you choose us, you’re choosing to give back. We’ve pledged to donate a portion of our profits to support underprivileged students in China.

Your decision to work with PackSolo isn’t just about boxes; it’s about creating opportunities and empowering the next generation. Every purchase you make plays a role in shaping a brighter future for students in need.

Founder of Packsolo

Dear customers:
l am founder of Packsolo, but l am also a designer who ispassionate about packaging boxes. I have been develop packaging boxes all my life.
l like packagings, and l like to design boxes.I apply my packaging concept to the products we create. Hoping to bring you
luxury, sustainanle, and affordable packagings.We make products with heart. and we make products withstandard.
Welcome to Packsolo, my friend.Thanks.

The Values We Live By

What Makes Us Different


Transforming packaging into a visual storyteller, defining brands, and enhancing experiences.


Craftsmanship, Sustainability, Customer-Centricity.


To redefine packaging as art, offering end-to-end solutions that exceed client expectations and elevate brands globally

What We Do

At PackSolo, we specialize in comprehensive services, covering everything from:

  • PackSolo specializes in the manufacturing of rigid boxes and wooden packaging items, complemented by a range of trading options for diverse packaging needs.
  • Design & Development
  • Project Management
  • Operations, Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Cost Reduction
  • Customer Service

Our commitment extends to providing an End-to-End Full-Service experience. We’ve made substantial investments in our infrastructure, refined our processes, and assembled a skilled team to ensure our clients derive maximum benefits from partnering with us. 

Whether you opt for our full-service package or seek expertise in specific areas, PackSolo guarantees not only creative and technical advantages but also significant benefits in terms of cost, time, and operational efficiency for your endeavors. Your satisfaction is at the core of what we do.


Wooden Boxes Production

Paper Boxes Production

Quality Control

PackSolo has implemented an advanced quality control system that prioritizes procedural oversight. We meticulously inspect every step of the production process and all aspects of our products, starting from material selection to the final packaging. Our commitment to ensuring top-notch quality extends from surface treatment to the packing method. For each batch, achieving first-class quality remains our sole standard.


Incoming Quality Control


Input Quality Process Control


Final Quality Control


We have certifications of ISO9001,FSC and SGS.

Trusted By Brands

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